Sex Offense Attorney

Sex Offense Attorney

Sex Offense Attorney

Facing Sex Crime Charges?

In many ways, being accused of a sex crime is worse than being accused of murder.  When you are charged with a sex crime, many people will assume that you are guilty. Even if you avoid prison by pleading guilty to a lesser offense, you may face the consequence of a lifetime of registering as a sex offender.


At The Law Offices of Jeffrey S. Williams, LLC,  we are not here to judge you, but to protect your rights and require the state to prove its case against you.


Types of Sex Crimes

The following are examples of the types of sex crimes we handle:

  • Rape: Consent is a defense to rape charges. However, if the alleged victim is under the age of 16, the fact that the sex was consensual is not a defense. You can be charged with statutory rape even if you did not know the other party was under 16.
  • Child molestation: An accusation of child molestation can come out of the blue. Once the accusation is made, police will interview the child and can lead the child to say things he/she didn’t intend to say or didn’t even know he/she was saying. The poor application of child interviewing protocols can turn your life into a nightmare. You cannot resolve a charge of child molestation by yourself.
  • Child pornography: Simply downloading images from a website can result in a five-year prison sentence in federal court, as well as lifetime registration as a sex offender.
  • Prostitution: Laws on prostitution change frequently. Being charged with prostitution or pimping can have life-long, devastating effects on your reputation and your family.


If you are accused of a sex crime, contact a lawyer immediately. Do not discuss the charges with the police, since your responses could be misunderstood and used against you.


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