Paternity Lawyer

Serving Most Of North Metro Atlanta Including Canton, Woodstock, Holly Springs, and Marietta

Paternity Lawyer

Paternity Lawyer

Serving Most Of North Metro Atlanta Including Woodstock, Holly Springs, and Marietta

Jeffery S. Williams is a paternity lawyer that helps people navigate the process of establishing legitimation.  Paternity is a legal action for determining whether a man is responsible for paying child support to a mother on behalf of a child. Legitimation is a legal process whereby a father establishes the rights of inheritance and visitation with his child when no marriage was consummated.


In the past, these cases were typically filed by unmarried moms seeking child support from the fathers of their children. Increasingly, these cases are initiated by men who want to establish their rights as fathers. Not establishing legitimation can have long-lasting legal implications.


The Law Offices of Jeffrey S. Williams, LLC, represents both men and women in paternity and legitimation cases in the North Metro-Atlanta area.


Establishing Paternity in Georgia

The most common procedure courts use to establish paternity is DNA testing. This is a simple process using a swab from the inside of one’s cheek and is relatively inexpensive. Once paternity is established, the court will order child support. Paternity does not establish visitation or the rights of inheritance as to the father.


Establishing a paternity case doesn’t give any rights to the father. A separate court action is required to gain visitation rights, change the child’s birth certificate to reflect the father’s last name, and give the child the right to inherit from the father. Having your name on a birth certificate does not establish legitimation.


As your attorney, we can guide you through the legal process to establish your rights as a father. In the event that a couple separates, the mother may end all contact between the father and his child. With legal guidance, the unmarried father can initiate legitimation to gain visitation rights and be an active force in his child’s life.


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