Criminal Defense Attorney In Canton, GA

We Are Not Here To Judge You But To Defend You.


Criminal Defense Attorney In Canton, GA

We Are Not Here To Judge You But To Defend You.

If you have been charged with a criminal offense, no matter the type, you'll need a highly-skilled criminal defense attorney in Canton, GA.   It is our responsibility to stand between you and the State. We are not here to judge you but to defend you.


Specific criminal defense cases include the following:

  • DUI defense: Following an arrest for DUI, you must act quickly to protect your ability to drive. In Georgia, you have only 30 calendar days to challenge the suspension of your driver’s license by the Division of Driver Services (DDS). Failing to request a hearing may cause your driver’s license to be suspended for one year.
  • Drug offenses: A skilled defense lawyer knows how to protect your rights by holding the prosecution to its burden-of-proof requirement and providing aggressive advocacy in the courtroom.
  • Sex offenses: If you have been accused of any sexual misconduct, you will need knowledgeable legal advice to protect yourself from consequences such as sex offender registration.
  • Family violence: When a domestic conflict triggers a call to the police, what was once a private or family matter is now public.
  • Probation violations: There is no bond for violating probation. For your protection, in Violation of Probation (VOP) cases, you should speak with an experienced probation violations attorney.
  • Juvenile law: Juvenile law is less about punishment than it is about providing services to the youthful offender after a criminal arrest. We take our responsibility very seriously to help put young offenders back on the right track.


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