Child Support Lawyer

Child Support Lawyers

Child Support Lawyers

The amount of child support you are required to pay or are entitled to receive is based on several factors, including:

  • The incomes of both parents
  • The number of children you support, including children from another marriage or relationship
  • How many overnight visits you have with your child each year
  • Who pays for health care and childcare
  • Whether your child has special needs
  • Cost of travel for visitation, if you and your former spouse live far away from each other

In some cases, professional assistance is needed to determine income, especially if a spouse is self-employed, hides income, or receives earnings that can fluctuate such as bonuses and sales commissions.

Child support modifications: Child support may be changed after your divorce if there is a change in your circumstances that would affect the child support calculation. For example, if you lose your job or are forced to take a lower-paying job, child support can be reduced. We can also help you with issues such as child support enforcement. For your protection, never walk into a courtroom without the assistance of an attorney.

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